How to Sell a Business in Canada

We have completed more than 1000 business acquisitions. If you or someone you know is considering selling a business, please contact us today to have a confidential and discreet conversation with one of our business brokers. Depending on the structure of your business, a change in ownership has different effects on your business. Depending on your partnership agreement and whether or not your business has been registered using each partner`s legal name or the operating name of the provincially registered partnership, this may trigger a legal name change or require the registration of a new Business Number (PN) and a NEW CRA program account. For businesses, it`s important that we have the right name and Social Security Number (SIN) for each administrator. Any property that was not acquired under the agreement, but that the buyer needs to carry on business, must be within the remaining 10% of the fair market value (FMV) of all acquired properties. For example, if real estate such as land and a building is not included in the delivery, but is acquired elsewhere, they and all other property acquired must not exceed 10% of the FMV of all real estate necessary for commercial activity. We offer a way to access the market for businesses for sale. For business brokers and those who sell privately, we will put you in touch with buyers who want to buy your business. Work with lawyers and accountants for buyers and sellers to ensure both parties receive relevant information. began her life as an online bulletin board long before websites became a thing.

We transitioned to a magazine and vice versa, survived the dotcom boom and bust, recession and pandemic, and pushed ourselves forward with one goal: connecting business buyers and sellers. Our extensive network of professional contacts between accountants, lawyers, bankers, business coaches, consultants, wealth planners, insurance experts, venture capital sources and entrepreneurs also ensures that buyers active in the market are regularly and, in some cases, exclusively referred to us. To learn more about how we can help you buy or sell a business, write to us. You may also be eligible to make this choice if you are selling part of your business. Information about what is « part of a business » can be found in Form GST44, choosing to acquire a business or part of a business. In 25 years, we have built a platform that today promotes 59,867 companies in 145 countries. We see more than 1 million shoppers coming to the site each month to search for businesses in every industry imaginable – from campgrounds to care, from manufacturers to maintenance, from franchises to groceries. If the business you are selling has a business number (BN), it is important to contact your tax office, as you may need to cancel your BN. To find your tax office, go to the tax offices and tax centers. To find a buyer, most sellers first spread the word through their circle of acquaintances in the industry and consult consultants such as accountants and lawyers, who are often looking for companies to sell. You can also tell industry associations and business brokers that they are interested in selling. Business Finders Canada, with your consent, will develop a summary package that will allow you to present your business to qualified buyers.

This package includes a detailed description of your business, including financial information, business details (location, assets, rental information, etc.) and, if applicable, images. If you are in Canada and are considering selling your business, you can help here as the Murphy team: Each requires a different involvement of the business owner. We will facilitate all negotiations with buyers. Our goal is to minimize disruption to your day-to-day business operations and help you evaluate buyers` offers. Some of the services we offer include: Murphy Canada Business helps sellers at all stages of selling a business, even until it is completed. Contact your local office in Canada today for a business valuation and all the information you need to sell a business. One way to improve the « property » is to put yourself in the buyer`s shoes. Recognize what he or she will be looking for, and then design your business to meet those needs and desires. Typically, business buyers deal with the following: We start with an evaluation of your business to determine the highest price a buyer could pay in the current market.

The Likely Selling Price (PSP) document gives you a comprehensive analysis of the value of your business and what to expect from the sale. This document is more complete and accurate than most others on the market. A fee is charged for our market evaluation and material preparation. .