Archives mensuelles : janvier 2015

Feliz ano nuevo

Happy new year, bonne année, …. to all our friends wherever they may be. We are in la Linea, close to Gibraltar. When we came back from Tanger, for once all the elements where with us : the wind, the current and the swell. It took us only 5 hours to cover a distance that took us 12 hours when we first went to Tanger. Our speed was of 12 knots, when we thought that the maximum we could reach would be 6. It was incredible, it was like fkying on the waves.

On course, after Tanger, here it is real luxury.  Washing machine, hot showers, electricity and iwater on thé boat make life a lot easier.  We now want to sail non stop to the Canaries,  it will take 6 days. As it is a bit long and tiring for the two of us,  we look for someone to come with us, and we might find à person here as many sailors without a boat ask for a ride. In the meantime,  I will go to Marseille for a week to settle a few things Il left behind and see the friends,  and play coinche,  YES.

Hère is m’y New Year postcard20141018_194824

Best wishes,  may the force be with you.