Hello everybody, salut les amis.

Cet article sera en anglais parce que je täpe sur l´ordi de Gilles et il n y a ni apostrophe, ni accents.

Going downstream on the Rhöne took us two and a half day. We had a fantastic weather and we burned accordingly. The locks are the only difficulty on the stream, as you must negociate the entrance very carefuly. Once you are moored, everything else is simple. Nonetheless, the first one impressed me very much.

Gilles est content, il a bien negocie son ecluse

Gilles est content, il a bien negocie son ecluse

The first night we stopped in Viviers, a nice little village, the name of which became a joke since last year when Gilles came donwstream and the engine broke there. But the cast was dispelled and we had no problems.



On the second night, we simply moored after a lock and slept there.
Then on the third morning, we took the petit Rhöne, the smaller arm of the stream which goes to Saint-Gilles. It was really gorgious : very quite, the banks covered with beautiful trees, thousands of birds, it had a taste of paradise.

When we arrived in Aigues-Mortes, it was not so nice. We had to wait for a bridge to open, and we had an accident with another boat which broke our rull system. Then, in Grau du Roi, impossible to find a moor. Then luck came back and we ended in the most incredible place in the town. As we had to put back our mast, we looked for a shipyard which could do it and found one which looked like a den of pirates. Boats everywhere, with lots of people working on them, and obviously leaving there. We stayed for two nigbts and the mast was put back in place.

chantier Spano, repaire des freres de la cöte

chantier Spano, repaire des freres de la cöte

Then we moved to port Carmargue, and ordered a new rule system. So we had to wait but luckily, we had visitors . first Kevin, Charlotte, Leo and Mael, then Marie and Philippe, Laurent and Anne, and finally Monique and Laurent and we played our last coinche before leaving France. I am very sorry to say that we lost our 3 games, but hopefully we keep the luck for the trip.

Dernière coinche avant le départ

Finally, after a week, our new rull system has finally arrived and it will be installed tomorrow morning. In the afternoon we will go try it at sea, and if everything is ok, we leave saturday for the Baleares, a 60 hours cruise probably.

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  1. Robocop

    Keep writing in english… 🙂
    A pity you were not in Frioul, now we had to take the kayak…
    Good luck and enjoy the trip. Watch out for pirates and containers…
    Gros bisoux,


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